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5 ways to create a perfect plan

Success is a system and for the most part there is a very small group of individuals who do things in a certain way that achieve real success! When I say success, I mean in every aspect of the word; financially, spritially, career, time freedom and in relationships, to name a few areas.

Individuals who set big goals do so because they want more out of life; they decided they were tired of settling and had a DESIRE that was bigger than their excuses. It all starts with a desire! When your desire is big enough, it will cause you to take action!  

Order is Heaven’s first law and we live in an orderly universe, therefore to work with the law we must do this in an organized fashion! Enter the plan!

Here are a few tips I suggest in creating the perfect plan! 


1. Set a Goal

I’ve talked goal-setting a lot on my blog and in the work I do! I won’t dive into those details now but you can check out my FREE goal-setting worksheet...

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3 Steps to Setting a Worthy Goal

Hey friend!

I have a question for you!

Do you have a goal?

If so, is it written down?

If not, I highly suggest you figure it out.

I say this, not to put any pressure on you but in an attempt to help you understand that without a goal you’re never going to get what you want.

I do what I do because I know what it feels like to achieve a worthy goal, (I’ll get into what I mean by a worthy goal in a second) and everyone should know what that feeling is, to achieve big goals, it incredibly rewarding!

For years and years I was SO busy working hard to achieve all of my goals! And my friend, let me tell you I had a tonne of them! I mean I still do but it just looks a bit different now. But for real, I had goals coming out my wazoo! I I was involved in 10 different things, commuting all over the place bouncing from client to client, meeting to meeting and building my network marketing business into the nooks and crannies of my life. All on top of healing my body after a bad...

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