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5 ways to create a perfect plan

Success is a system and for the most part there is a very small group of individuals who do things in a certain way that achieve real success! When I say success, I mean in every aspect of the word; financially, spritially, career, time freedom and in relationships, to name a few areas.

Individuals who set big goals do so because they want more out of life; they decided they were tired of settling and had a DESIRE that was bigger than their excuses. It all starts with a desire! When your desire is big enough, it will cause you to take action!  

Order is Heaven’s first law and we live in an orderly universe, therefore to work with the law we must do this in an organized fashion! Enter the plan!

Here are a few tips I suggest in creating the perfect plan! 


1. Set a Goal

I’ve talked goal-setting a lot on my blog and in the work I do! I won’t dive into those details now but you can check out my FREE goal-setting worksheet here to help you create a goal that will cause you jump out of bed in the morning with that burning desire!


2. Form a Mastermind

 I used to believe that I could do it all on my own, until my mentor pointed out to me that I could work less and achieve more if I involved other people! This is when I got dialed into masterminds. Work smarter, not harder, right? 

 A mastermind will help you use your time more effectively; don’t assume you know it all and then bang your head up against the wall when you can’t figure something out! Ask someone; who knows what they’ll come up with, who they might know or point out how you might look at things a little differently! 

Because now that you have your fantasy goal, you most likely realize you have no idea how you’re going to achieve it! This is a good thing! AND because you recognise that you have gaps in your ability of what you can achieve, you’re going to want to surround yourself with people who’ve had different experiences, education, imagination and abilities than you. Find people with big goals of their own too, so you can all work together and help each other! Meet often as well! 


3. Write Down 4 Things Before Bed

Each night with your goal in mind, write down 4 goal achieving/income producing activities that you can/will do the next day that will get you closer to your goal! If you don’t get to all of them, no biggy. Move that activity over to the next day, delegate it or perhaps ditch it if it doesn’t seem as relevant. You can only see so far ahead with your results so as you take each step towards your goal, the next step in the plan will reveal itself a little bit more! As you continue to move ahead each day you will notice you’ll need to…

4. Course Correct 

Constantly re-evaluate your plan. Objectively look at what you’re doing and identify daily, weekly and monthly what’s working and what’s not working. The goal always stays the same, but the plan can change. This leads into #5…


 5. Be Persistent

 This is where most people fail, they give up and quit because their plan doesn’t seem to be working. I’m reminded of Edison who failed 10,000 times in his pursuit of the light bulb. You try until…! If you are following these steps with persistence, I guarantee you, you will reach your goal!

 What I love about this plan is that it’s time efficient and works for everyone! I highly encourage you to form this plan into your life and join me over in the Optimal Performance Mastermind facebook group and let me know how it makes a difference for you! This is a wonderful community that can help you in forming the perfect mastermind too!

 Until next time, stay happy and healthy,

Heather xo



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