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Own It Mastermind Program

High Touch, Holistic Performance and Business Program for Entrepreneurs looking to increase their impact & income! The first ever of its kind full holistic program where we work on you and not just your business! 

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OIE VIP Mastermind

Advance with quantum leaps through the power of a working mastermind- ideas, energy & accountability!  Mastermind with the OIE coaches and VIP mastermind members monthly with accountability and high performance habit tracking!

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Mindset Shift Program

Live training with hot seat opportunities with Heather, to expand our awareness! It is time to shift your mind, energy & actions so you can step into your greatness and begin to create quantum leaps in your results. Hang out with a community playing to OWN IT & WIN! IT CAN BE EASIER & FUN TO WIN! 

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Heather Lee Coaching

One on one Holistic Performance and Business coaching with Heather Lee! Dive deep into you and every area of your life from nutrition, to movement, to mindset, to energy, business & more. Your one stop shop for the top holistic coaching online today! 

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I'm tired of feeling stuck. I need a mentor to give me a step-by-step plan to build a life I want!

I'm tired of doing this alone. I need a community to support me!

I need to start taking care of my mind, body, and soul because I'm worth it!

What if I told you it’s possible to ð—¯ð˜‚𝗶𝗹𝗱 ð—® ð—¯ð˜‚𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 online ð˜†ð—¼ð˜‚ ð—Ÿð—¢ð—©ð—˜, generate more profit, and step in to the next best version of you all at the same time? 

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Author & CEO of OIE

Heather is a Holistic Self Mastery & Business Coach and the Owner and Creative Director of Own It Empire. She assists people to become the best versions of themselves and live their best lives through Holistic High Performance & Business coaching with her Online programs and 1 on 1 VIP Coaching. Heather has always been an entrepreneur and has over 16 years experience studying human potential and performance and a decade of coaching individuals and assisting them to get clear on their goals and make them a reality. She is a co-author in two amazon #1 best sellers, Fitness to Freedom and Dear Love, I am ready for you! If you are ready to take your performance to the next level, increase your impact and profits then this is where you need to be! Heather has created and leads the first ever of its kind full Holistic Performance Program for Entrepreneurs, The Own It Mastermind Program! She hand selected the perfect team and coaches to help every entrepreneur own their purpose & profits!

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"My Mastermind Group has enabled me to tap into quantum leaps by leveraging knowledge and expertise in a few minutes that would otherwise take months if not years to acquire, it also ensures I have accountability to follow through on the steps that will enable massive success. Since starting my Mastermind Group, I've increased both my corporate income and positioning within the company to put me on track to become partner withing 2 years. I've also been able to create exponential growth within my e-commerce business and I've added a new stream of income through paid speaking engagements! Anyone who is serious about their success needs a Mastermind Group and Heather is an incredible leader to ensure awe-inspiring results. The power of the Mastermind should not be ignored! "

Allison Gage

Ready to OWN IT?

Join us in The Own It Mastermind Program. Tap into your highest level of performance to build the business & health that supports the lifestyle you desire! Our Secret Sauce for Success is working on you & not just your business! For Optimal Performance in all areas of your life and business.

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