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3 Steps to Setting a Worthy Goal

Hey friend!

I have a question for you!

Do you have a goal?

If so, is it written down?

If not, I highly suggest you figure it out.

I say this, not to put any pressure on you but in an attempt to help you understand that without a goal you’re never going to get what you want.

I do what I do because I know what it feels like to achieve a worthy goal, (I’ll get into what I mean by a worthy goal in a second) and everyone should know what that feeling is, to achieve big goals, it incredibly rewarding!

For years and years I was SO busy working hard to achieve all of my goals! And my friend, let me tell you I had a tonne of them! I mean I still do but it just looks a bit different now. But for real, I had goals coming out my wazoo! I I was involved in 10 different things, commuting all over the place bouncing from client to client, meeting to meeting and building my network marketing business into the nooks and crannies of my life. All on top of healing my body after a bad accident that injured my back and experiencing multiple concussions over the course of a couple years.

I squeezed whatever personal development I could get in, in that time too. Oh….and I did sleep, contrary to what it may seem! (sleep is essential to heal your brain after all!) But I was queen of busy and I wore that as a badge of honor!

My mentor used to shake her head at me because when I had coaching calls with her, I would literally give her a 5 minute window to work with me! It was insane! Then I started to listen to her and actually practise what she was teaching me! Her one question that always stuck with me was “Heather, what do you really want?”

The issue with me was not that I had too many goals, I just wasn’t focused on ONE GOAL! Why was I really going what I was doing? What am I really trying to achieve here? A scattered mind is a confused mind and a confused mind always says no! The universe was literally saying “No” to my goals because the powers that are, had no idea what I wanted! They had nothing to work with! Can you relate to this?

There were a few key steps that I needed to do, to focus my attention on achieving everything that I wanted. The steps were hella simple, it just took a little extra thinking on my part.

Having goals are so important! I can’t emphasize this to you enough! The purpose of goals are to grow! We are here on this planet to grow, to progress to live our best life! I believe that God, The Universe, whomever you look up to as your higher power, did not put us on this earth to merely exists or to get either! We were put here to reach our highest potential and the only way to do that is to reach/stretch for something we’ve never done before.

In case you missed my point, I want to make it really clear that the purpose of a goal is not to get! The purpose of a goal is to grow! Sure, getting maybe a result of your goal, you may buy the house, the car, accumulate nicer and better things. But the purpose of a goal is to grow!

I believe in the law of the universe that says nothing rests, its either create or disintegrate! Create means making something out of nothing, something you have no idea how to do!

If your goal is to buy a new car and your bought a new car 5 years ago, you already know how to do that. Sure, get the car, just don’t call it a goal. If your goal is a job promotion and you know when Suzie retires next year the job is yours, yah well, that’s not a goal either, you’re going sideways! A goal is a burning desire inside of you, something so great and you have a hard time telling your friends and family what it is, or maybe you can’t stop talking about it. A goal is something you really want! This is what I’ve come to learn as a worthy goal! A goal that is worthy of your perfection!

There are 3 steps when determining this worthy goal of yours. They are

1. Desire

  1. I already mentioned this above but you need to go for something that you really want. Something that when you think about it, draws this happiness and excitement out of you, you may not have known was there! It the feeling of ultimate freedom you experience first in your mind that will keep you committed when the going gets tough, cause it will!

  2. Decide

Decide that you’re going for it no matter what! Decide that even though you don’t have the money, the time or the resources that you’re going to make it happen no matter what! You MUST be willing to progressively move in the direction of your goal every single day no matter what! This one mental love will change your life!

  3. Take Action- this is broken into a few parts

The first this I do when I set a new goal is write it down on a card and I carry it with me wherever I go and read it as much as possible! This causes my goal to always be top of mind. This is a hack of the greats!
Next I visualize everyday for at least 10 minutes of who I am and how I feel once this goal is accomplished. Through all science and all theology most things have been argued, except for one! And that is YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT. I love what one of my mentor, Bob Proctor, say. If you can hold it in your mind you can hold it in your hand! I love that!
Before I go to bed each night I write down on a sheet of paper 6 goal achieving activities that I will do the next day to move me closer to my goal! And do as many as I can the following day!

Like I said these steps are simple but they require some thinking on your part. Learning how to set a proper goal has impacted my life tremendously and it will for you too!

If you’d like some direction on setting your worthy goal, click the link here to set up your 30 minute FREE discovery session! This is the call that changed my life, and it can for you too!

Stay Happy & Healthy,




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