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What is lacking isn't motivation!

mindset personal growth Mar 16, 2020

If I’m not mistaken, you’re the type of person who wants to feel motivated as much as you can, am I right?

You watch the videos, read the books, attend the conferences, listen to the audios and all you want to do is jump out of bed each morning and blaze a trail into a new day! Some days you even do, but more often than not, you tend to feel a little dragged down.

Hopefully, that’s not that case, but we’ve all been there.

So what do you do?

Read more books, attend more conferences, listen to more Jay Shetty and Brene Brown videos?

They’re great and all but that’s not going to last. You may feel a pep in your step for the next 10 minutes or so, perhaps even the rest of the morning but the feeling is going to be fleeting and before you know it and you’re back to feeling weighed down.

The thing is you’re looking in the wrong place.

 Motivation doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from the inside!

 The ONLY way to stay motivated is if you have something to work towards! Create a big idea in your mind and get emotionally involved with it so much so that it must get you out of bed each day because you’re committed to working towards it. It’s kind of like you’re missing something if you don’t.

If you don’t have that big idea yet, it’s your job to figure it out! Don’t let knowing “how” you’re going to do it stop you, that’s what you’ll jump out of bed for each day for- trying to figure it out! Sometimes things you’ll try are going to work, but mostly, they won’t, you’ll fail and that’s okay, it’s part of the journey!

In fact, if things always worked out, life would be kind of boring, don’t you think?

Have fun along the way too, this is your dream we are talking about here! Don’t take yourself to serious along the way or stress yourself out when things aren’t working out. If something isn’t working for you perhaps change the plan, but never change that goal!

And keep this in mind… if what you’re doing is contributing to someone else’s life, improving the quality of life for someone other than yourself, you will be way further ahead than you think!

So what are your big idea? Let’s connect and I can help you get there!


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