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The Best Kept Secret In Creating Permanent Results

mindset personal growth Mar 16, 2020

Here’s an idea to play within your mind for a moment. Consider your age, now would you agree or not that the person you are today is an accumulation of your life’s experiences? I think it’s a pretty fair assumption that most of you reading this would agree; you are who you are today is because of your past. 

So in other words, it has taken you that many numbers of years (your age) to believe in the thoughts you think. It’s kind of an obvious statement, I know. They also come with repeated experience though! The more you hear something, the more likely it is that you’ll take it on as the truth. 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees, we can’t afford that, that's too expensive” were all phrases I heard often growing up. Now, these all pertain to money but if you sit and think I’m sure you could come up with some of your own in all areas of your life. Some of these phrases are serving you, others are absolutely hindering you whether you believe it or not. But we can change them, by putting new thoughts and ideas into our mind the same way they were put there. Constant, spaced repetition!

So what do you want to believe for yourself? You can believe anything! How exciting!

 I talk about the power of a goal card and affirmations a lot! It’s something I’ve learned from my mentor Bob Proctor. A goal card is where you write down exactly what you want on a little card and carry it around with you! It’s not something you think you can get, but exactly what you want. Something that you aspire too but written in the present tense, as if it is happening right now and look at it as much as possible And the purpose of affirmations is to replace those negative thoughts that no longer serve you. Just choose one or two though, if you try to change too many, you’ll change nothing. Write these affirmations out every day for 20-30 minutes!

 At the beginning of my building my social marketing business, I was skeptical of how I was going to make things work, but I realized that the more I continued to build my success in my current circumstance the harder it got for me because my thoughts weren’t inlined with my beliefs. So I started to change my thoughts, which caused me to take the action. I started to learn more about the mind and as I discovered how our subconscious mind worked I decided I’d do exactly what I’ve just suggested you do and my whole world started to change. 

 I get this sounds incredibly silly and illogical. I resisted this for a long time myself, but the more I studied those people who used this method to change my mental programming is when it started to all come together for me. You can read about this in the book Think & Grow Rich in the chapter on Autosuggestion!

Try this on for yourself and let me know how you make out! Or if you have any questions and need some extra guidance, reach out to me and I would be happy to steer you on the right track!

Stay Happy & Healthy! 



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