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The one quality that will set you apart from the rest!

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2020

Hey friend!

I came across this quotation by Dean Briggs in my studies over the past few days multiple times, so I am taking it as a sign that I need to share with all of you!

 It goes like this..

"Do you work. Not just your work and no more, but a little more for the lavishing sake; that little more that is worth all the rest. And if you suffer, as you must, and if you doubt as you must, do your work. Put your heart into it and the sky will clear. And then out of your very doubt and suffering will be born the supreme joy of life."

 WOW. Every time I hear that it brings me comfort knowing that it's okay to struggle and doubt ourselves, AND we must keep going!

This supreme quality is that of persistence.

 As I look back on my life, and I’m sure you can too, I see that every great accomplishment I’ve ever completed has come through persistence.  

 It’s deciding what you want and taking action every day to move towards it regardless of anything else! This is persistence!

One of the biggest obstacles people get caught up on is the opinions of others, including and especially, from friends and relatives! Close your mind to these negative influences, they do not matter! There are people out there who will support you in your journey; find them and stick with them. You can use the encouragement of these people to move forward with your objective and purpose! Close your mind to the rest! 

With that being said, there are many other qualities that you will need to acquire in order for you to reach your goal, but if you do not have persistence you will never find the success you seek.

One of my mentors, Bob Proctor, talks a lot about persistence, check out this video of his and how we need to use persistence to work for us and not against us!

Develop persistence into your mindset and I promise you, you will begin to see results that you seek!

 Stay Happy & Healthy,



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