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4 Practical Ways To Stay Disciplined And Reach The Best Result

personal growth Mar 16, 2020

The more I understand the laws of the universe the easier my life gets. I’ve found that the results in my life are starting to come more with ease and grace rather than grinding it out as I used too.

 I used to wake up before the crack of dawn and go to bed way past sunset. I would find myself having a nap in the afternoons sometimes lasting hours only to wake up and still feel like I had to drag my ass around to get things done. I had a to-do list a mile long and what I found myself doing was being addicted to checking things off my list rather than focusing on the goal at hand and choosing the things that we’re most valuable in my success. Thank goodness I hit reset before I hit burn out! 

I had always heard the phrase work smarter, not harder but never really understood what that meant. And what I’ve come to discover is that it meant discipline! To achieve the big worthy goals you are going to need discipline! Also, know this!  

  • The plan may change, but the goal never does. If you’re choosing the right kind of goal like the one I talked about here  then this is where your compass is always pointing. Roadblocks and obstacles WILL happen (accept this fact) but always keep your eye on the prize, adjust course and carry on! DISCIPLINE.
  • It's in the small daily habits where the magic happens! It’s what you do today that sets you up for success tomorrow! DISCIPLINE.

So what are you doing each day that is getting you to where you want to be? %FIRSTNAME%, believe me, I’ve been there! I used to get super motivated, I’d set my calendar up for the day, the week maybe even the month. I’d follow it to the tee for the first little while and then I’d get thrown off course and it was almost like I thought “well if I can’t do this one thing, I may as well not do anything”. Can you relate? And before I knew it I was back to square one. 

You are not going to be motivated all the time! That’s a fact, accept this! Move forward anyway! DISCIPLINE.

 What keeps me on track every day are these four things! 

  1. Nutrition- I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule! Here’s what I follow 80% of the time! (link ARBONNE 30 DAYS video) and I haven’t quite mastered this part yet, but if you can meal plan, you’re going to save even more time!
  2. Self Study- This includes things like writing my goal & affirmation and studying Thinking Into Results (insert video link)
  3. Movement- 30 minutes of moving my body! I enjoy stretching and strength training (i think)
  4. Before I go to bed each night I write down on a sheet of paper 6 goal achieving activities (also known as income-producing activities) that I will do the next day to move me closer to my goal! And do as many as I can the following day!

 When my day includes each of these 4 pillars I not only feel happy and satisfied but my business moves forward with ease! All of the above takes me roughly 3 hours, sprinkled throughout my day and this to me, my friends, is working smarter not harder! 

Stay Happy & Healthy, Inside & Out! 



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