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Empowered Transformation Workshop


Gain clarity, focus, and confidence in yourself and your destiny.

You'll walk away with a strategy and plan to grow a healthy mindset and turn your vision into a reality!



If you’ve thought about unlocking your hidden potential and owning your dreams, chances are you’ve felt a little like this:

You’re spinning your wheels, trying to Google everything, and write a mile-long to-do list like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks. 


You’re so stuck wondering where to even start that you’re not doing much of anything at all to get your desired results.

You're invited to join me and 3 coaches for 4 sessions of intentional personal development and mindset reach BIG +BRIGHT dreams in your life and achieve your BEST YEAR!


Introducing the Empowered Transformation Workshop

Self-paced workshop to learn what you need to know about self-image, the science of change, empowered mind, resilience toolbelt, and visualization. 

This workshop takes place online, in the comfort of your space. 

In less than 1 hour a day, you'll create a worthy goal, healthy mindset, and a strategic plan to help you get to where you want to be.

The Empowered Transformation Workshop was a great investment!  The coaches were very knowledgeable and facilitated a great experience.  I particularly enjoyed the education components relating to the science of change, and how to apply this understanding in practical ways, supporting positive mindset and goal oriented behaviour.  I also loved the time spent in creative exercises!  A fantastic learning opportunity, whether for business or personal growth and support!

-Christine M., Health Professional

During the workshop, you'll:

Learn about human conditioning and behaviour. 

You will Create, Set & Reverse Engineer Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal & create the mindset to make it your reality.

You will build your Resilience Tool Belt to ensure you pull through for yourself and dreams! 

Lastly you will create your vision and incorporate the psychology of colour in your creation of your new you and life in a drawing and guided visualization! 

You'll walk away with:

Your plan and vision for the next year! 

You will understand why you are getting your current results and why you are the way you are. 

Live your truth so you can live life on your terms. 

Create a life of fulfilment, financial, time freedom and good health! 

Achieve your dreams and feel good doing it! 

It's time to unleash your potential and use your energy, passion, and perseverance to live your best life.


Heather Lee Chapman

Your Host!

Heather is a High Performance Coach and the Owner and creative director of Own It Empire. She assists people to become the best versions of themselves and live their best lives through Holistic Wellness & Business coaching with her Own It Mastermind Program and 1 on 1 VIP Coaching. Heather has over 15 years experience studying human potential and performance and a decade of coaching individuals and assisting them to get clear on their goals and make them a reality.

Antoline Thiruchelvam

Antoline has a Masters in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Psychotherapist. She has 15 years of building working relationships with adults and adolescents who have gone through a trauma.  She is also has experience working with individuals with traumatic brain injury by helping individuals reestablish broken neurological pathways that has been severed through an impact to the head.  Moreover, she is trained in QEEG Neurofeedback in the treatment of anxiety. 

Alli Gage 

Alli Gage is an entrepreneur, professional speaker and management consultant with a passion for helping people achieve their dream life! She also owns an e-commerce business with Arbonne. Alli has years of speaking experience including large-scale, public and private events, success trainings and corporate trainings.  She is a strong-willed, determined person, set on personal mastery and bettering life for everyone around her.

María Moguel

María is a Graphic Designer, Plastic Artist, Best Selling Author, Speaker and a Philanthropist.

Maria is a very creative woman and has created an innovative method of manifesting your desires called Visualize your Destiny Through Art. Where she works with Setting Goals, Visualization, Psychology of Colour, guided meditation to visualized the image of your biggest desire to finally paint it.

Empowered Transformation Workshop - October 2020

$57 CAD + HST

What You Will Get:

  • 4 video training sessions one from each our coaches: 
    • Understanding of human behaviour & conditioning so you can create new results!
    • Get clear on your true goal,  create a plan and the right mindset to lead you to success!
    • Build a resilience tool belt so you see your goal through!
    • Create & paint your vision to make your goal your reality & understand the psychology of colour!
  • A detailed workbook with action steps, implementation notes, and space for answering the guided Prompts and questions
  • 1 year access to EACH VIDEO.
  • Exclusive community forum to ask questions and share feedback. 


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Kind words...

You might be thinking: “okay, it sounds interesting, but is it worth it?"

 The truth? You’re actually getting MORE than just education. You’ll discover your best self, and gain a greater understanding of how to become a high performer to actually live your life on your terms. 

Do you have big goals yet something seems to keep stopping you from attaining them?

It is time you gain a true understanding of the mind, body and soul so you can flourish in your business and life. 

Too many people create a goal and business and then when they get there, they realize it doesn't give them the lifestyle they were looking for. It is time to create a fulfilling life. 

Let us help you to get you the quantum leaps in your results that you've been looking for! 

We all want time freedom, financial freedom, good health and to lead a fulfilling life.

The Question is: do you want your best life and business bad enough? 

 Are you willing to take your dreams seriously and let other experts help you get what you want?  Register Now