All The Tools You Need To Expand Your Results

Are you ready to step into the next best version of you and begin to have quantum leaps in your results? 

Your mindset must shift to that of a winner. Your current results are the way they are because of your current awareness.  

Our purpose is joyful expansion, let us show you how you get what you want and enjoy the journey! 

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All The Tools You Need To Expand Your Results

Are you ready to step into the next best version of you and begin to have quantum leaps in your results? 

Your mindset must shift to that of a winner. Your current results are the way they are because of your current awareness.  

Our purpose is joyful expansion, let us show you how you get what you want and enjoy the journey! 

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Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and ready to make a change? 

Join us in our exclusive community for entrepreneurs with weekly live trainings that will have you shift your results to have life & business work out easily and effortlessly for you!  

Do you know you were meant for more but don't know your next step?

Let us help you set a big hairy audacious goal that scares the crap out of you and create the road map and self image to help you get there! 

You see you are your common denominator of  your success. If you want your results to change, you have to change.

You have to change your thinking, the way you see your self and you actually need a plan to get to where you are going so you can stop wondering and wavering aimlessly! Your time is now! Let's do this!       

Through our proven mindset shift program we have helped so many people get clear on their purpose, create a vision that inspires them and reverse engineer their goal to get started from where they are now! 

We have helped them implenet the steps to help them increase their visibility, awarenss, sales, and more! They have improved their marketing & increased their influence online, having clients come to them!

See you do not need to know it all now to take action, you just need to know what your next step is so you can start moving closer towards your goal! 

Too many people keep trying everything and every way to change their results and yet nothing changes. Well maybe it changes for a little bit but the results don't stick. 

You must change your internal programming, self talk and self image. Let us show you how so you can really begin to understand how to manifest and create easily and effortlessly! 

You need to work on all areas of your business; lead generation, sales, marketing and research & development! 

You need to start working with the metaphysical and not just physical so you can work smarter and not harder!  

Let us support you holistically, mind, body, soul & spirit and with the business tools to build your best life & business! 

Live Weekly Trainings 

Join us live each week for a new training to have you shift your mindset plus Q & A with Heather. Plus join Heather in the study and reading of Think and Grow Rich! Plus a live movement therapy session via FB live each week! 

Mindset Shift Guide & Support Calls 

Receive a full guide to have you create our worthy goal, shift your mindset and build a winning self image! Plus receive an orientation call to get you started of right and a 3 week check in call one of our incredible Accountability coaches! 

Private Community 

Join our exclusive Own IT Empire Community, connect with like minded individuals, gain access to business, wellness & mindset resources, trainings and more! This is where you can access all the recordings of each training & where Heather shares all her Golden Nuggets that she learns from! 

This incredible live program will have you shift your mindset, programming and self image in a way you never have before. It will help you get results you have been longing for. 

You see life is supposed to be joyful! 

Thursday 5:30 pm ET - Weekly Strategic Advisory with Q & A + Hot Seat

Wednesday 11:30 am ET -Mindful Mornings; a mixture of Movement, mediation and breath work

Monday - Thursday 4:15 pm ET Book club studies 

**All replays are available in group guides

Resources & Replays; a vault of Strategic Advisories on all topics business, wellness, skillset, spirituality, manifesting & more. Plus so many more recordings and documents to help you improve every area of your life and business! 


Heather is a Holistic High Performance & Business Coach. She is the Owner and Creative Director of Own It Empire (OIE) where they assist conscious entrepreneurs to build scalable, profitable businesses with ease, all while becoming the best versions of themselves, to live a life they designed and love, on their own terms. Through mindset, skillset and high performance habit training both personally and professionally OIE helps you increase your performance, awareness, impact and profits! Heather is an author, speaker and coach inspiring people to greatness through The Own It Show Podcast, The Own It Mastermind program, Mindset Shift Program, 1 on 1 VIP Coaching, customized workshops and more. She has always been an entrepreneur and has over 15 years experience studying human potential and performance and over a decade coaching individuals and assisting them to get clear on their goals and make them a reality. She is a co-author in two amazon #1 best sellers, Fitness to Freedom and Dear Love, I am ready for you! If you are ready to take your performance to the next level, increase your impact and profits then you are in the right place!

People have said that through this work they realized a new way of life and being that has life work out easily and effortlessly. That they have more clarity and direction. That they can now see what is possible vs. looking at what is not working and that things begin to shift and show up for them easier and easier everyday!                                                     

This can be you too, say yes to a more joyful and fulfilling life!                                                    

Let's really start to pay attention to what we are saying to ourselves, because we are listening! In the Own It Empire Community we live in gratitude and possibility and we learn to reframe our conditioning so we can stop walking around like our 7 year old selves. You were created by your environment and now you get to create who you really are meant to be! 


Owning it means not living in excuse realm, you make things happen through the will of the mind, positive energy and inspired action! 

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What people have to say about working with Heather and her Team...

"The OIM has made a very positive impact on my business and my personal life! Since starting the program, I have received my company’s Achievement Award two months in a row and have added two business builders to my team. I have begun to embrace and actually begin work on my big hairy audacious goals and have stopped procrastinating so much in my life."

- AlAnna Davies, Network Marketer

Let us help you change your results in every area of your life, so you find more joy, purpose, meaning and satisfaction in life! 

Mindset Shift



  • Weekly Strategic Advisory with Q & A + Hot Seat
  • Weekly Mindful Morning session 
  • Mindset Shift Guide 
  • Consultation Call for Clarity 
  • Accountability 3 week check in call
  • Resource Vault of Golden Nuggets 
  • Book Club Studies 
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You too can have incredible results! 

"Since starting with OIE, I have grown a like-minded team and promoted with The Pampered Chef twice, spoken at PC's National Conference as one of 3 Canadians asked to speak, devised and committed to my branding, logo, and the Pillars I offer in my business that set me apart, created my own Mastermind Training program inspired by lessons taught in this program -effectively helping my team and teammates in my organization to secure their own desired results - and even started a brand new business in Vincha Inc! I can't believe the difference in my life since I began working with Heather and her incredibly supportive team. "

- Brittany Strewart, Entrepreneur & Network Marketer


Your time is now! This is the information they do not teach you in school! You can truly own your life and understand how the mind works so you can get the results you desire! 

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