All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business & Live Your Best Life 

Work with Heather Lee Chapman, Holistic Performance and Business Coach and step into your greatness! 

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Who is Heather?

Creative Director and Founder 

Heather is a Holistic Self Mastery & Business Coach and the Owner and Creative Director of Own It Empire. She assists people to become the best versions of themselves and live their best lives through Holistic High Performance & Business coaching with her Online programs and 1 on 1 VIP Coaching. Heather has always been an entrepreneur and has over 16 years experience studying human potential and performance and a decade of coaching individuals and assisting them to get clear on their goals and make them a reality. She is a designated NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis practitioner. Heather is also a certified nutritional practitioner, Neurocentric movement certified and studies advanced spiritual training! She is a co-author in two amazon #1 best sellers! If you are ready to take your performance to the next level, increase your impact and profits then this is where you need to be! Heather has created and leads the first ever of its kind full Holistic Performance Program for Entrepreneurs, The Own It Mastermind Program! She hand selected the perfect team and coaches to help every entrepreneur own their purpose & profits!

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Happy and Fulfilling Life

When you learn the life skills and business skills that will help you regardless of life's circumstances you can achieve your goals more easily! Let's build a life and business on purpose with passion and OWN IT!



Top features

  • 30 day transformation

    NLP & Time Line Therapy are neuro techniques used by the elites to OWN their lives! 

    Now you have the opportunity to truly re-write your results! 

    We will identify your goal plus how to access the state of it achieved and identify and unblock what has you stuck! 

    This is scientifically proven... so much that a Master trainer can guarantee results.. Doctors can not even do that! 

    If you are ready to own it your time is now! 

    What it includes;

  • A 2.5 hour initial session with a series of proven questions to identify your current state, goals and designing your future desired state! This also helps identify the limiting beliefs that have you stuck! 


  • A 2 hour NLP-Time Line Therapy breakthrough session to unanchor the unwanted and unwarranted negative emotions that have you stuck in old patterns.

  • A 2 hour session where we will identify your major limiting beliefs and clear them from your unconscious mind as well as anchor any wanted behaviors in!

  • Plus a 30 minute follow up call! 

There will be tasks given from each session to help you implement, integrate and get into inspired action to create quantum leaps! 



* sessions can be spread over up to 3 months & up to 3 month payment plan available. 


Your Time Is Now

Let's work together to help you create a life you love as your best self! You are your glass ceiling, your life will expand as big as your awareness and your business will grow as big as you do. Step into your greatness and OWN IT with us today! 

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Goal Mapping Consultations

Book your Goal Mapping Consultation to help you create a clear 90 day road map to get you to your goals quicker and easier. 

* 30 minute Goal Mapping consultation with written review and recommendations + call recording.  $150 

* 60 minute Goal Mapping consultation with written review and recommendations + call recording. $300 

* 90 minute Goal Mapping consultation with written review and recommendations + call recording. $450 

(Canadian Dollars taxes included)


High Performance Lifestyle Coaching 

Work 1 on 1 with Heather to become a high performer so you can function optimally and live with more bliss and ease in all areas of your life! 

Let's OWN IT!

$2699 - 8 weeks, biweekly sessions and tasks;

  • Week 1- Intake 3 hours 
  • Week 2 - task week 
  • Week 3-  90 minute Reverse engineer Goal setting session 
  • Week 4 - task week 
  • Week 5- 45 minute - goal review + self concept + next steps 
  • Week 6 - task week 
  • Week 7 - complete nutribody (nutritional analysis)
  • Week 8- 45 minute - review + recommendations  + next steps 


(Canadian Dollars taxes included, payment plans available)


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Business Development Coaching 

Work 1 on 1 with Heather on your Business goals. Do a full review of your current state of business and your goal state of business to develop and implement and plan to get you to the next level! 

Goal - Plan - Do- Review 

$3999; 3 months, biweekly 90 minute session, task week in between 

  • week 1; intake - 3 hours 
  • Week 3; business review and reverse engineering goal 
  • Week 5; branding & offers 
  • Week 7; marketing & content planning & lead generation
  • Week 9; conversion events & sales funnels 
  • Week 12; review operations and management + next steps 

(Canadian Dollars taxes included, payment plans available)

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